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Gain ease of access with structured wiring

Structured wiring is a system that combines multiple electronics and communication systems and uses them on a network. Instead of having wires everywhere for all of your components, you'll have a neat network that can be used for any of your components.

  • Business and residential

  • Easily change connections

  • Easily test for troubleshooting (shorts and opens)

  • No splices, they are not needed

  • More consistent signal quality

  • Everything will be labeled for you

Trust the pros with your wiring

If you own multiple PCs, you have probably thought about how great it would be if your computers could talk to each other. With a home computer network, you can:

Computers can speak to each other

Add value to your home with our structured wiring


The professionals at Shaffer Security Company LLC will customize your wiring as per your needs.

  • Share a single printer between computers

  • Share a single Internet connection among all computers

  • Access shared files on any computer

  • Play games allowing multiple users at different computers

  • Send output of a device to your other computers

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